'As a photographer, you only see what you are ready to see, what mirrors your mind at that particular time' 

Much of the world around us is not seen, though it falls within our visual range. It does not come within our concious intellect. In other words we are not looking for it, so in a sense, we only find the world we look for. I have always felt a desire to search and explore, to understand and creatively capture the beauty I see around me. It was the way that photography requires you to look deeper to create with what already exsits, illuminating what intuitively spoke out as a wish and expression, that made a connection with me. Despite having no formal teaching in creative photography, only self taught, I have truly felt able to direct the creative force that motivates and to freely express the energy and lifeforce I feel as an artist. I try to look beyond the obvious, immediately apparent, to a more abstract response, allowing all senses to absorb and reflect in my work. 

I was born in Norfolk, England and still live and work in this beautiful county, renowned for its expansive skies & low lying landscapes. With over ninety miles of diverse coastline, never more than an hour away, the sea and the landscape around has been a constant source of inspiration to me.








Richard Mills 2019